OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster with Pivoting Head

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Model: OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster with Pivoting Head
Manufacturer: OXO

Product Description

OXO’s Extendable Duster with a pivoting microfiber head puts dust within reach. The sturdy, lightweight aluminum body extends to 54” long with the touch of a button to remove dust from ceiling fans, bookshelf tops, light fixtures and more. The Duster head rotates 180 degrees and locks at multiple angles for cleaning. Lock the Duster head in a vertical position to clean ceiling vents and light fixtures. Lock it at a right angle to remove dust from the tops of bookshelves and cabinets. To clean the microfiber head, simply unsnap it from the Duster. For best results, wash in cold water without fabric softener or bleach and dry without using heat.

Review Summary

The OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster with Pivoting Head is well liked by customers based on 10 reviews. The average review score is 4 of 5 stars.

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I live in an 1880s Victorian house with high (12") ceilings and this was great at getting dust off the light fixtures and crown molding high up in addition to the top levels of my bookcases. I like that you can bend the end and get around the top of high furniture too to at dust. I didn't know I had so much! I found that you have to wash the head a lot or it will stop picking up. If it is clean it picks up great. I tried it after getting the double duster and it didn't disappoint.

Interesting that this one person did not think this product picked up dust...her house must be cleaner than mine! While I did not purchase this product from Amazon, but rather Home Goods, I can recommend it with a warning...my wire fox terrier found the duster an excellent toy to kill and deflock in less than a minute! I left the duster on the floor where I had been cleaning only momentarily and found Trevor attacking it furiously. Still with the remaining microfibers I was able to clean under bookcases and a fullsize bed where it is difficult to vacuum. Came to Amazon to order replacement duster heads. Just keep away from your terriers!!!

I purchased this product to dust our 1920's home after we refinished our hardwood floors. It works even better than I thought it would. Easy to use, clean and store. Definitely lives up to the Oxo name.

WOW, this is great and arrived the next day. great for hard toreach areas and the duster is machine washable.

The pivot head works easily and as stated. The extendable handle easily reaches my 9 ft ceilings and extends easily. The duster came off of the head and I put it back on. There are no instructions, but you need to snap the duster into the handle and then it stays on and doesn't come off as you use it. The duster fabric gets caught on uneven edges and pulls apart. I had to cut some of the fabric off so the duster didn't get further ruined. I will have to see how troublesome this becomes. Now that I know about this problem, I am being more careful. After all of the above, I like it. It gets into small areas, the duster is washable, and it gets quite dirty so it is working.

Dust is a major factor in my house and, oh heck, I'll admit it, cobwebs are too. I used to climb up chairs and on top of tables to clean high shelves and ceiling fans, and I used to get down on my hands and knees to dust chair rungs and baseboards, but my back is getting older (not me, just my back) and stooping and climbing aren't the viable option they once were. This OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster is the perfect answer for me. It's 56 inch extension length allows me to reach the highest places in my house with my feet still safely on the floor. The microfiber surface picks up even the smallest bits of dirt and dust -- and then I can just toss it in the washing machine and it's clean and ready to go all over again. Housework is never easy -- but this OXO Extendable Duster makes it far easier and safer. I highly recommend this product.

Very useful household tool for catching all those annoying spider webs on the ceiling. The buttons to extend the duster work very well and the pivoting head allows you to dust comfortably on the tops of cupboards. My favourite feature is however the removable/washable and replaceable soft microfibre head. All in all a very good product I would recommend to have.

It's advertised as "washable cover", but the first trip through the laundry completely shredded the cover. For the replacement cover, I used the gentle cycle on the washer and did not put it in the dryer...it still shredded. Not so reusable, huh?

Gets into the corners, cleans the ceiling fans, recessed lighting and more. Adjusts nicely and would buy this again. Microfiber is a cleaning favorite in our household and cleans up nicely in ordinary wash.

I like OXO products, they are always as good as you expect them to be. This is very handy for those high places where the spiders like to build their webs. Helps keep the house from looking like it is haunted!